Isiah Pacheco scored in his 1st game for the Kansas City Chiefs. His celebration was one for the ages.

Pacheco led the Chiefs in rushing yards (62), and had 1 touchdown as well. His first score was a simple play from inside the five, but that didn’t stop him from celebrating like it wasn’t. Pacheco ran it in on a 3-yard scamper inside the Arizona Cardinals’ 5-yard line.

The Chiefs selected Pacheco in the 7th round in this year’s NFL Draft. Pacheco also led Rutgers in rushing during his final year with the team. He had 647 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns. Pacheco was also an honorable All-B1G mention in 2021, and Phil Steele 4th Team All-B1G selection in 2020.

Pacheco may have carved himself a key role in the Chiefs ground game. Something to watch will be his touches as the season goes on. Pacheco led the Chiefs in rushing yards with just 12 carries against the Cardinals.