There’s no way to spin it. The 2015 season was a rough one for Rutgers.

The struggles in Piscataway were well documented. But for those hoping to move on from the 2015 season, Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy didn’t help.

During a college edition of the show, one of the questions was about one of the more infamous moments of the college football season.

That, of course, was when Rutgers had a chance to throw a Hail Mary in the final seconds to tie previously-unbeaten Michigan State. Instead, Chris Laviano spiked the ball, which ended the game.

Just in case you forgot how it all went down:

So obviously the only question is, did somebody have the answer?

That LSU student had an awfully quick trigger. Surprising was the fact that the “College Football” category was the last on the board.

Hopefully this is the last year Rutgers is the subject of a blunder like that.