You’ve gotta stay on your toes if you are working a college football game. Especially when Rutgers running back Isaih Pacheco is coming down the sideline!

Saturday’s action between Wisconsin and Rutgers has turned into a blowout for the Badgers with the Scarlet Knights getting banged up in the process. Among other things, wide receiver and return man Aaron Cruickshank was injured and has not returned to action in the second half.

Pacheco has been one semi-bright spot for Rutgers, picking up 51 yards on 8 carries. His best run went for 23 yards and came on this play out of halftime.

After picking up the big gain, Pacheco was shoved out of bounds by a Badgers defender. But staying on his feet and running hard, Pacheco could not stop before slamming into the official on the sideline.

Fortunately, the official was alright and able to laugh it all off afterward. Take a look: