Mississippi State head coach Joe Moorhead was asked clearly about the ongoing Rutgers rumors. His response to the rumors was less than clear.

Moorhead made an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Friday with Finebaum broadcasting live from Mississippi State’s campus in Starkville. Finebaum was on campus, along with the entire “SEC Nation” crew for Saturday’s game between MSU and LSU.

During the interview, talk inevitably turned to the rumors about Moorhead reportedly being the leading target for the open spot at Rutgers. Finebaum asked Moorhead if he had anything to say about the ongoing rumors.

“I would say this, my entire focus is on what we need to do to be successful and compete against a very good LSU team and what we need to do to be able to turn this into a championship-level program,” Moorhead said.

Finebaum clearly didn’t buy too deep into Moorhead’s initial comment, labeling it “coachspeak.” He pressed Moorhead and brought up some of the issues the coach and his family have gone through in Starkville as reasons why it might not be surprising if he were to leave for a different job.

“No, it’s not something that’s under consideration,” Moorhead replied. “My focus is here at Mississippi State. This is where we want to be. This is what we’re going to do.”

Still undeterred, Finebaum asked Moorhead “So if your representatives got a call from Rutgers?”

“If they get a call, then we’ll deal with it then,” Moorhead said.

Here’s the video of the exchange, tweeted out by Paul Finebaum:

It’s worth noting that Finebaum brought up the interview again later in the show to recap the interview since a commercial break came directly at its conclusion. Finebaum called the discussion centered around the Rutgers rumors “extremely strange,” noting that he “didn’t hear a denial there.”