Ray Rice was dominant during his time at Rutgers.

And, that wasn’t all. He was a No. 1 running back at the next level with the Baltimore Ravens, too. However, that all came crashing down thanks to being suspended in 2014. A video surfaced of Rice beating his then-fiance and another video showed him dragging her out of an elevator.

That is how people tend to look at Rice today, not his football excellence.

Since that time, Rice has said that he looks back at the person he was back then and “I hate that person. I hate him (…)”

On Thursday, during Alabama’s Nick Saban’s opening statement, he said that Rice was in town to speak with the team.

“Well, he’s obviously going to talk about how to treat the opposite sex and having the proper respect for other people,” Saban said when asked about Rice’s appearance. “And I think that’s important to relationships. It’s important as a person to be able to do those things in a very respectful manner.”

More Saban:

“I think a lot of the players can relate to (Rice’s) circumstance. And it will be interesting to hear a guy that has had issues that now has turned a corner and has really done everything he can to help other people not have the same problem that he has. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him doing that and we’re certainly glad to have him here.”

Rice played at Rutgers from 2005-07.