The eight Rutgers football players involved in a credit card fraud scheme will not see any jail time, according to a report from

Last summer, eight players were either suspended or dismissed from the team following a credit card fraud scheme that resulted in them allegedly stealing $11,250. The players came up with the funds and the last minute and avoided jail time. Instead, all players will enter a pre-trial intervention for 18 months.

The eight players involved were  Brendan Devera, Kai “K.J.’’ Gray, Malik Vaccaro-Dixon, Edwin Lopez, Kwabena “Kobe” Marfo, Syhiem Simmons, Christian “C.J.” Onyechi and Naijee Jones.

According to the report, the players were accused of stealing credit card numbers and transferring funds from Rutgers University Express Accounts for their own personal use. If the players meet the requirements of the pre-trial intervention, their charges will be dismissed.

Per, Vaccaro-Dixon, Jones, Onyechi and Marfo are back on the team, but “on a probationary basis through the spring.’’