There isn’t a athletic director in America who would admit that one of his coaches is in jeopardy of losing his job. The goal is to support your staff until the last possible second.

So when Rutgers athletic director Pat Hobbs claimed that head coach Chris Ash has job security, it wasn’t really much of a surprise. But Hobbs did something a little extra, proving that he’s really not interested in parting ways with Ash, regardless of how the 2018 season turns out.

Late last week, Hobbs found an article produced by CBS Sports, labeling Ash as one of the coaches in college football that finds himself on the hot seat. Hobbs shared the article on Twitter, along with a message for CBS Sports.

“Hey CBS Sports!” Hobbs’ tweet read. “You can take my guy off your list. Program building takes time and Chris Ash is doing a great job!”

While nobody expected Hobbs to blurt out “Hey CBS! You’re exactly right,” taking the issue to social media isn’t something many athletic directors would do, especially if there was some real concern over job security.

Obviously one tweet doesn’t guarantee anything for Ash and his future at Rutgers, but it seems as though he has the full support of his athletic director heading into the 2018 season.