Rutgers football is trying to reestablish itself after a rocky 3-3 start and coming off a loss to Nebraska in Week 6.

On Monday, Rutgers’ football announced that Joe Susan will take over as the interim TE coach. This change comes after Nunzio Campanile, the former TE coach at Rutgers was elevated to be the interim offensive coordinator.

Rutgers’ dismissed the former offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson after the loss to Nebraska and head coach Greg Schiano is hopeful in Rutgers football amid the changes.

“There will be some uncertainty on what we’re doing offensively,” said Schiano on Campanile’s new role via 247 Sports. “But I want to have a multi-faceted offense that uses tempo as a tool, as a weapon, but not as a constant. That is kind of where we are headed. But it is an execution-based offense that we need to improve our execution right now.”

With the staffing changes coming into effect, Week 7 for the Scarlet Kings could potentially bring a new type of energy that it has been missing.

This Saturday will be a BYE week for the Scarlet Kings as they look ahead to Oct. 22 taking on Indiana at home.