Rutgers announced on Monday that the B1G opener against Iowa on Saturday would be a “Scarlet Out,” where Rutgers fans all wear red to support the Scarlet Knights.

It looks like Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano got his way, as the coach had previously asked for a ‘scarlet-out’ game against Iowa. The coach had made the request to Rutgers fans after the Knights opened the season 3-0, defeating Boston College, Wagner, and Temple.

“One thing that I wanted to just again thank our fans and encourage them next week for a ‘Scarlet-out’ – pack that place – as if it isn’t always a ‘Scarlet-out,’ right? But everybody wearing the game…on Saturday night, a great atmosphere,” Schiano said after the game.

“I just told our team, they haven’t seen that stadium the way it’s gonna be. We have but a lot of those kids haven’t. And so that’s something to think about, get excited about this weekend. So look forward to seeing our fans when we get back home. Everybody, wear red to the game.”

Knights fans have already had an impact this season, packing the stadium, and even traveling for away games, filling visitor’s sections in scarlet.