A report from NJ Advance Media indicates that Rutgers Athletics endured the greatest financial hardship in school history funding sports programs during the 2020-21 academic year. The impact of COVID-19 took its toll on the Scarlet Knights.

Per the report, Rutgers spent $118.4 million to fund its athletic programs during the pandemic-hit 2020-21 year. The result was a $73.3 million deficit for the year, the largest for the athletic department in school history.

Funding for COVID-19 testing and safety protocols — as well as the loss of fan attendance during the year — were the primary causes for the significant financial losses. Those changes hit Rutgers for a $26 million decrease from the previously projected budget.

From NJ Advance Media:

Rutgers’ athletics ledger shows a $73.3 million deficit that was made up by $27.6 million in support from the university’s operating budget, $10.5 million in student fees, a $21.5 million from an internal loan, an $8 million loan from the Big Ten and $4.7 million in direct state or government support. It marks the largest deficit rung up by Rutgers athletics in school history, surpassing a $47 million shortfall in 2013 — the year before the Scarlet Knights joined the Big Ten.

NJ Advance Media also provided a breakdown of the finances from Rutgers. You can read more on the losses during the 2020-21 athletic and academic year here.