Rutgers football has had a tumultuous season so far in 2019. The team isn’t just 1-6 overall.

It’s a team that’s lost its last six games and has had its head coach fired already. We’re only halfway through the year and unfortunate fireworks have already taken place in Piscataway.

What’s to come? Who knows. This week, Rutgers is hosting Liberty, and according to some sportsbooks, the Scarlet Knights are a 7.5-point underdog. Again, Rutgers is at home against Liberty and is more than a touchdown underdog in the game.

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However, despite what may appear to be a disastrous season, Scarlet Knights sophomore defensive lineman Mike Tverdov said something that may give us as outsiders a glimpse as to what the team’s mindset is at this point:

At the end of the day, Rutgers may not be a very good football team. Let’s be honest. Right now, it’s a bad football team.

But if Tverdov is right in that every player is working hard and is in it together, what more can you ask for? There are great teams and there are terrible teams. There are mediocre teams.

But which teams are the true failures? The ones that quit. The ones that give up. The ones that don’t put up any sort of fight.

At Rutgers, according to Tverdov, the Scarlet Knights are at least putting in the work and are a cohesive unit. You can’t bash them for that.