This was an awkward play, but it looks like Adrian Martinez will be alright after a scary fall.

Rutgers and Nebraska are squaring off Friday night and it started with the Huskers on offense. Nebraska converted one early third-down play before setting up on a third-and-nine play to keep the drive alive.

As the pocket collapsed, Martinez made a nice cut and started to break into the open. It looked like he would make the line-to-gain as he went airborne in a dive toward the first-down marker.

He was hit in the air with a Rutgers defender dislodging the ball mid-air as Martinez landed on his head at the end of the flip. It was a nice play by the defense but a scary sight to see Martinez land in such an awkward manner:

Thankfully, Martinez returned to action on the ensuing drive without any apparent issues. Rutgers also turned the takeaway into the game’s first three points on a field goal for the early lead.