Tyshon Fogg may be a tough hitter on Rutgers’ defense, but he also has a bit of a sophisticated side to him.

All football players that have been through training camp knows the challenges that long days and hard practices present. Stress can build up and pose a problem for anyone.

Everyone needs a release valve, and that release valve is often different from player to player. For Fogg, he turns to a release that is not necessarily common for football players: poetry.

According to Keith Sargeant with NJ.com, Fogg often reads and listens to poetry during what little downtime exists. Fogg also likes to write his own from time-to-time:

“I write a lot of free-verse poetry,’’ he said. “So when I get a little time to myself, it’s a chance to settle down and express myself in that way. It depends on the mood that I’m feeling at that point.”

Whatever the method, it certainly appears to have helped Fogg adapt to the demands of being a Division I football player. He posted 47 tackles in 2018, including three TFL, and has been tabbed as a captain heading into 2019.