It’s easy to look at Rutgers’ 1-11 record last season and assume that players who are leaving the program are jetting from Piscataway in an effort to join a more successful team. But for outgoing starting offensive lineman Jonah Jackson, the decision wasn’t quite that easy.

For Jackson, it came down to exploring new options in education, as well as seeing what other opportunities he might have elsewhere athletically. It was that combination that prompted the All-B1G honorable mention to decide to part ways with Rutgers.

“It came down to both education and athletics,” Jackson told in an interview. “I wanted to pursue my master’s degree somewhere else, and Rutgers didn’t have my degree at the time. So, I wanted to see what else was out there for me academically.

“And, athletically, I just wanted to see what else the world had to offer.”

Jackson was the top offensive lineman for Rutgers last season, and would’ve been an anchor again in 2019. But he’ll be finishing his career elsewhere. He’s already got a visit to Ohio State lined up, meaning he could remain within the division.

Regardless of where he ends up, Jackson isn’t basing his decision solely on athletics. It’s going to be a choice that benefits both his academic and his athletic career.