New Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway isn’t very confident in the college football season being played in the fall. And he’s not so sure it will even work in the spring, according to a recent story from

In an interview with, Holloway — who began at Rutgers on Wednesday — said there are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding fall sports right now. His comments come after a recent surge in cases of COVID-19 in certain areas of the country.

“I think we are far from certain that we are going to have a college football season in the fall,” Holloway said. “Maybe in the spring, but even then we are just guessing right now.”

Like most campuses across the country, Rutgers opened its doors to student-athletes in June after the NCAA lifted its moratorium on organized team activities. Following that elimination of the ban, players were permitted to return to Rutgers’ campus on June 15.

So far, Rutgers has reported just two positive COVID-19 tests. However, that hasn’t been the case everywhere. Other schools have reported cases in the double digits following virus screenings.

It has caused serious concern for the outlook of a 2020 college football season.

Holloway says his biggest concern would be for several staff members and coaches, who are in a susceptible age group for the disease. He says isolation and quarantine is possible to have a season, but it’s far from ideal.

“For me, that is the biggest question,” Holloway said. “You can quarantine a fall sports team, by and large, for the fall semester. Not that I am a fan of that, but you can do it and then play a game in front of an empty stadium. It’s not desirable, but it can be done.”

Many expect a final decision about the college football season to come from conferences sometime later this month.