This may sound shocking, but the Rutgers Scarlet Knights still have a chance to win the B1G East. Yes! You read that right. Some how, some way, Rutgers can win its division title.

Here is what needs to happen according to

  • Rutgers needs to win out, notching victories at Penn State and Indiana before beating Michigan State at home to finish 6-3 in conference play.
  • Michigan State needs to upset Ohio State but lose at home to Maryland and then to Rutgers to finish 6-3 in conference play.
  • Ohio State needs to lose out, falling at home to Michigan State and Illinois back-to-back before losing at Michigan to finish 5-4 in conference play.
  • Michigan needs to beat Ohio State in the season finale, but lose to either Maryland or Wisconsin before then to finish 6-3 in conference play. Finally, some wiggle room!

And here are the six scenarios to allow Rutgers to win the East according to SB Nation’s Bill Connelly:

  • Two scenarios resulted in four-way tie that include Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State. In both, Rutgers finishes with a 2-1 record against that group, and Michigan finishes only 1-2. Then Rutgers wins the further tie-breaker against the other 2-1 team.
  • Three scenarios resulted in a tie with Michigan State, which (in this scenario) Rutgers beat head-to-head.
  • One scenario resulted in a three-way tie with Michigan State and Penn State, both of which Rutgers beat head-to-head (in this scenario).

It may sound crazy, but as shown, the Scarlet Knights can still win the East. And with how this season has gone, to be shocked if it does because COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS MADNESS!