College football is the best sport of them all.

The fans, the stadiums, the coaches, the players, the intensity that each game brings — the sport is truly unique from even other levels of football. The sport of college football itself was started in 1869 — 150 years ago.

Where did it all begin?


Take a look at a video that Rutgers put out on Twitter:

Today, Rutgers may not get much respect. However, without the Scarlet Knights starting the game in the first place we may not have college football as we know it today.

People traditionally think of USC, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame and some others when it comes to the history of the sport. Rutgers, though, should be included in the conversation.

There are a number of intriguing facts when looking back at the history of college football, and here’s one: Rutgers didn’t have a head coach until 1891 — 22 years after the sport officially began.