If Ohio online sports betting is approved state gamblers will have the opportunity to also place online and in-person bets on E-sports and horse racing.

The Ohio Select Committee on Gaming met yesterday and accepted a sub bill with updated language for the state’s sports betting bill, SB 176. Senator Kirk Schuring (R-29) unveiled the bill’s changes in the brief meeting.

Horse racing and Esports included in Ohio online sports betting bill

The updates include the following:

  • Management service providers will pay a non-refundable fee of $500,000 for both Type A and Type B licenses in years two and three. The initial fee for a license is $1 million.
  • The $500,000 non-refundable fees will go towards education and problem gaming.
  • Betting on E-sports will be allowed.
  • Betting on horse racing will be allowed through online apps and in sportsbooks.
  • Management service providers may hold two Type A licenses. After having the first for a year, the provider may apply for a second.
  • Betting on events that include participants under the age of 18 will be prohibited.

Schuring noted the committee will meet again today at 10 a.m. to hear testimony on the bill. An additional meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, at a time to be determined to take up amendments and to hear additional testimony.

June deadline set for the sports betting bill

Introduced a month ago, the bill includes two types of sports betting licenses. Type A licenses will include state entities that have the ability to bank a bet, such as the state’s 11 casinos and racinos. Type B licenses will be for future brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Twenty licenses of each type will be available for interested parties. A 10% tax rate will be set on sports betting revenue.

Both Type A and Type B licenses will allow for online sports betting partnerships. These partnerships will be decided by the free market and no special considerations will be made for any entities in the process.

Members of the committee have previously expressed their desire for an approval date of June 30 for the state’s sports betting bill.