The Washington Commanders were awarded a Maryland sports betting license in August to use for a potential sportsbook at FedEx Field and fans are still wondering when they can place bets at the stadium.

Two months after procuring the license, the franchise is still mum on its sports betting plans.

A Washington Commanders representative told Saturday Tradition that the franchise has no update at this time on its plan of action for its retail sports betting license. With no updates or news at this point, time is dwindling on an open window for the Commanders to do anything this season.

Commanders sitting on Maryland retail sports betting license

The Washington Commanders initial application for a Maryland sports betting facility license was approved by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (MLGCA) in August. It then received final approval from the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) and made mention that a sportsbook was in the works for FedEx Field.

Commanders owner Daniel Snyder spoke during the hearing and said the license would be yet another improvement for FedEx Field.

FedEx Field has been “dramatically upgraded” leading up to this season, Snyder said during a brief comment during the application hearing, and he expects big attendance for the year. He did not directly address any potential plans for a retail sportsbook at the stadium during the August hearing.

The Washington Commanders were among the original 17 entities designated in the Maryland sports wagering law to conduct retail sports betting.

A report published by the MLGCA noted that its investigators interviewed Snyder by Zoom on June 8, 2022, to discuss the franchise’s sports betting facility license. No open criminal cases against Snyder or the franchise were found, but investigators identified “several noteworthy issues involving the Washington Commanders (formerly known as the “Washington Football Team”) and the owner, Mr. Snyder.”

The investigators discussed the issues with Snyder during the June 8 meeting and were “unable to substantiate any of the allegations against Mr. Snyder.”

While the NFL is in favor of sports betting as a marketing and promotional tool for fans, it has strict regulations for sportsbooks at stadiums. If a stadium hosts a sportsbook within its confines it cannot accept bets during home games. The Arizona Cardinals recently found a way around this restriction, as they constructed a standalone sportsbook on the property of the team’s stadium. but not within its structure.

It’s unknown if this is the course of action the Commanders will take.

Maryland online sports betting on its way

It remains to be seen if the Washington Commanders will also be seeking a Maryland online sports betting license. The MLGCA will approve its first qualified online sports betting operators at its upcoming Oct. 27 lottery meeting.

The MLGCA yesterday publicly released a list of the first 10 Maryland online sports betting operators it will hold qualification hearings for this week.

The following 10 online sports betting operators  will be evaluated by the MLGCA this week:

After the MLGCA identifies qualified operators, SWARC will have up to 45 days to consider applications and potentially find them qualified for a license. SWARC will not take the full 45 days, as Nov. 21 is only 25 days after MLGCA’s upcoming meeting.

Once licenses are awarded by SWARC, operators must then complete regulatory testing requirements and a successful controlled demonstration for Maryland Lottery and Gaming before they can receive the license and launch online sports betting in the state.

This puts the Maryland online sports betting launch in late November or early December.