California governor Gavin Newsome continues to speak out on UCLA and USC’s recent departure to the B1G.

Now, the governor is demanding that UCLA publicly explain the deal to leave the Pac-12

“The first duty of every public university is to the people — especially students,” Newsom said in a statement, via the Los Angeles Times. “UCLA must clearly explain to the public how this deal will improve the experience for all its student-athletes, will honor its century-old partnership with UC Berkeley, and will preserve the histories, rivalries, and traditions that enrich our communities.”

This is not the first time the governor has spoken out about UCLA’s move, which is expected to begin play in 2024. Newsome’s gripe stems from disbelief that the move was made for the betterment of student athletes.

The move also leaves UC Berkley in a bit of a pickle, being the only UC campus left behind in the deal.