Like many people around the country, most were shocked when it was announced that UCLA and USC would be joining the B1G in 2024. The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has now weighed on the move per Alek Arend of The Spun.

Apparently, Newson had to find out about it by reading it online like everyone else did. There was no heads up from UCLA about the move at all. It looks like Newsom has every right to be upset about the move, is this is all true.

Here’s the video and what Newsom said in an interview with Fox 11 Los Angeles’ Elex Michaelson:

“I read about it,” said Newsom. “No big deal, I’m the Governor of the state of California, maybe the bigger deal is whoever is on the chair of the UC Regents. Is a good idea? Did we ever discuss the merits? Not aware about it. It was done in isolation, without any regental support, it was done without any consideration to my knowledge. We were never consulted, never asked for an opinion.”