Conference realignment rumors have never stopped this offseason, and another layer was added to the conversation Wednesday evening.

Earlier Wednesday, the California Board of Regents met to discuss UCLA’s move to the B1G alongside USC. The Trojans as a private institution are not subject to the Regents.

Following the meeting of the Regents, Pac-12 insider Jon Wilner reported he believes it is still a possibility that the Bruins are forced to reverse course and stay in the Pac-12. Wilner set the odds of a reversal “very low” but also believes UCLA joining the B1G “cannot be view as a certainty.”

So, what happens if UCLA does indeed reverse course? Wilner went on to outline some potential moves, including the B1G targeting Stanford – a private institution – that would give the conference a second California school.

Wilner also outlined some potentially wild moves that could go down. To be clear, most of these comments were Wilner’s “outside-the-box” thinking. But if some of these happen, it would create a wild landscape for college athletics.