UCLA and USC’s move to the B1G was something that made a lot of people, including Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff upset. In a report from Billy Witz with the New York Times, Kliavkoff laid out in a letter to UC Regents how he would be supportive of blocking UCLA’s move to the B1G.

Kliavkoff acknowledged it was a heavy ask, but wrote that “for the current and future generations of UCLA student-athletes, we would strongly support a decision by the UC Board of Regents to reverse the decision made by UCLA.”

Some other items mentioned in the letter per Witz and the NY Times were travel impacts on athletes. Kliavkoff also claimed the increased costs of salaries to remain competitive in the B1G and travel costs associated with the move would come close to negating the increased revenue of a move to the B1G.

USC and UCLA are except to join the B1G for the beginning of the 2024 college football season. The two schools announced their intentions to leave the Pac-12 on June 30.