The B1G is hoping that the University of California Board of Regents will approve the school’s move to the conference in an upcoming meeting on Dec. 14, ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg reports.

Though USC joined with little issue, UCLA, being under the California branch of programs, is still awaiting to have the move finalized. The Board of Regents has concerns about how the school’s move to the B1G will impact Cal.

“I’ve been working on integration of both USC and UCLA, but we have been respectful of the process that UCLA has gone through with the California board of regents,” Warren told ESPN. “We’re excited about welcoming USC and UCLA into the Big Ten Conference. Hopefully, whatever the remaining open issues are that exist, they can be resolved here so we can proceed forward in the manner that we had agreed upon.”

The B1G has made it a point that the move will benefit both sides despite the concerns of the board. They have offered full transparency in hopes of reaching a conclusion to the disputes.

“There are no unanswered questions,” Warren said, “We’re prepared. We have formal integration committees. It’s a perfect fit for USC and UCLA, and we look forward to moving forward together in a respectful manner, once they finalize all of the open issues from a UCLA standpoint that they have with the board in California.”