Fans of college football have to know that not everyone is liking UCLA’s decision to leave the Pac-12. Even the conference’s commissioner, George Kliavkoff, is reportedly having some doubts about it per ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura.

Kliavkoff is feeling concerned about the move, and sources told Bonagura that he wrote a letter to the UC Board of Regents about it. He believes there will be some negative impacts on the financial side and on the mental health of their student-athletes.

When the news originally broke, many people around the country talked about what the travel would be like for UCLA and USC. Kliavkoff gave numbers to back up his concern about the financial problems that the university could run in to from travel alone.

UCLA currently spends approximately $8.1 million per year on travel for its teams to compete in the Pac-12 conference. UCLA will incur a 100% increase in its team travel costs if it flies commercial in the Big Ten ($8.1 million increase per year), a 160% increase if it charters half the time ($13.1 million per year), and a 290% increase if it charters every flight ($23 million increase per year).

Not only does Kliavkoff think the move will take a toll on the budget, but he also sees a negative impact on the students as well. He cited data from the National Institutes of Health and NCAA that shows how the move will effect the families of student-athletes and will be a burden on their academics in the long run.

It looks like not everyone is excited about the move.