UCLA fans will need an adjustment period to the Bruins leaving the Pac-12 for the B1G. After all, who wants to leave sunny Los Angeles for a mid-November road game in the midwest?

According to Chris Hummer with 247 Sports, Bruin fans were less than thrilled when the announcement was made that UCLA was joining the B1G. In an open records request to UCLA, Hummer obtained multiple emails of disgruntled fans trashing the decision of the administration.

Among other things, Bruin fans called the decision “a disgrace,” “a terrible idea” and one person identified the Big Ten as “the HIDEOUS BIG 10.” Here’s a look at what fans had to say to UCLA leadership (Via 247 Sports):

  • “Careful and thoughtful consideration which did not involve the UCLA community and is a complete shock to the whole country,” the emailer wrote. “100+ years of conference history thrown away. This is an outrageous disgrace.”
  • “Shame on y’all.”
  • “I sincerely hope the reports that UCLA is considering joining the Big 10 Conference are false. It would be a terrible idea.”
  • “If the rumors of UCLA’s move to the Big-10 are true, it is a sad day for college sports. Many alums are not enthused by this latest, soulless money grab. Count me out.”
  • “Please provide ALL DETAILS of the horrendously dumb decision to toss UCLA out of the Pac12 and into the HIDEOUS BIG 10 WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING ALUMNI OR THE STUDENT BODY. How dumb can an administrator GET. What does Block think he is, a Supreme Court despot?!”

Of course, UCLA is not in the clear quite yet. In a California Board of Regents meeting Thursday, reports surfaced that the Board believes it has the power to block the move by the Bruins. Whether or not the Board wants to act on that perceived power remains to be seen.