More NIL opportunities are coming to an eventual member of the B1G. USC is going to be adding a donor-run NIL collective per Ryan Kartje of the Los Angeles Times.

The name of the collective is ‘Student Body Right’ and will solely depend on donors. There is just 1 problem with adding this NIL collective, the USC athletic department is against it. In fact, USC AD Mike Bohn even stated that he is not aware of such a deal. He also pleaded that any donors who are looking to support the program through the use of NIL should use other means.

This is what he had to say about it per the LA Times:

“Earlier this year, USC worked with StayDoubted to create BLVD LLC, an agency and media company that provides NIL services to all USC student athletes,” Bohn said. “USC is not aware of a formal donor-created NIL collective. We ask any donors who would like to support USC’s athletes through NIL to please work with BLVD so that all activities are conducted in compliance with state laws and NCAA rules.”

The leader of the collective is Florida businessman and USC fan Dale Rech. He made sure to give his stance of what the collective’s ties are. Rech believes that there should be no problems with the NIL deal as long as they follow NCAA guidelines.

“This is a standalone collective, with no affiliation or ties to the university,” Rech said. “The NCAA cannot go back at the university as long as we’re in compliance and stay within what the guidelines of the NCAA and state require. There’s no blowback from us on the university. They just want control.”