The big news in the college football world this offseason is the move of USC and UCLA to the B1G. That move becomes official in 2024.

However, a report from Friday shed some more interesting light on the decisions leading up to the B1G expansion news. According to J. Brady McCollough and Ryan Kartje with the Los Angeles Times, USC president Carol Folt rejected an expansion move by the Pac-12 one year ago.

According to that story, Big 12 programs were left scrambling in the wake of Texas and Oklahoma jetting off for the SEC. Those programs had called Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff with interest in joining the Pac-12.

In the days that followed, the Pac-12 put together an hour-long presentation to a Pac-12 committee of 3 presidents and 3 athletic directors. The presentation had barely begun when Folt reportedly shut down the presentation.

Folt told the group that she did not understand why the Pac-12 would expand and expressed surprise they were even talking about it, according to multiple sources who were familiar with the call but not authorized to speak publicly because of the sensitivity of the subject.

“Carol shut it down,” one source said.

“She cooled the whole process,” another source said.

Nearly 10 months later, USC and UCLA were announcing plans to depart the Pac-12 for the B1G. According to the LA Times report, Folt declined to comment on Friday.