Alec Ingold may not get talked about a lot being that he plays fullback, but he had some key blocks in the Miami Dolphins’ comeback victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Ingold had a major role in some of the bigger plays during the game.

Ingold played for Wisconsin from 2015-2018. He logged 51 career games in Madison, including 11 starts at fullback. Ingold was also the only fullback who got invited to the 2019 NFL Combine. Prior to the Dolphins, he also spent time with the Las Vegas Raiders.

There are some players whose contributions don’t always make it on the stat sheet, and Ingold is definitely one of those players. Ingold was not only interested in making the initial blocks, but also was seen putting people on the ground as well.

It’s good to see that fullbacks are still being used in the modern NFL offense. Ingold takes his role very seriously, even if it isn’t the flashiest on the field.