According to the Wisconsin State Journal, former Badger running back Montee Ball is facing additional domestic violence charges after an alleged 2014 incident. Ball’s former girlfriend accused him of choking her with similar circumstances to an incident involving another woman in February.

The new charges came out six weeks after Ball was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse-related counts after throwing his girlfriend across their hotel room.

Ball was charged with two felonies on Thursday. In addition to the strangulation and suffocation charges — the felonies — Ball is also facing two misdemeanors for domestic disorderly conduct.

He pled not guilty to all of the new charges and he will have a trial in May.

A Madison police spokesman said in a statement that the second woman filed the charges against Ball after seeing last month’s news about his incident with another woman at a downtown Madison hotel.

According to the State Journal, the most recent complaint stated that Ball went out to a bar after a June 2014 trip to Paris with his then-girlfriend. She claimed that he came back to their hotel room intoxicated and after getting a text message from another woman, the incident occurred. The woman claimed Ball threw his phone at her, grabbed her by the neck and threw her out of the hotel room.

When Ball came to her Madison apartment a few days after their hotel-room incident, she allegedly told him the relationship was over if he didn’t seek counseling for his abusive behavior, which she said he didn’t. Her complaint said that she left the apartment for Ball to gather his things. Upon her return, she found that he damaged her personal items, including a TV, photos and other things he had given her.

The woman also claimed that the two had another incident in which Ball grabbed her by the neck right before their trip to Paris. A disagreement over plans on a given evening led to Ball choking her and pushing her down on the bed. The woman claimed she went to the bathroom and locked the door, which Ball picked the lock of. He allegedly busted open the door which struck her shoulder.

After two-plus years with the Denver Broncos, Ball signed on to the New England Patriots’ practice squad at the end of the 2015 season but he wasn’t resigned by the team at season’s end.