Wisconsin beat Purdue Saturday afternoon 45-24. The Badgers, thanks to their win, now have a chance at winning the Big Ten West and advancing to the Big Ten Championship.

All it has to do is beat Minnesota at Minnesota next week. Simple, right?

Well, not really.

One thing we have learned about Wisconsin over the past week, though, is that the Badgers can kick long field goals. How long exactly? Well, Zach Hintze nailed a 62-yarder to end the first half against the Boilermakers.

Yes, 62. That’s a program record.

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The kick itself is obviously incredible. Most of the kickers in the NFL can’t hit 62-yarders. Hintze can.

One camera angle of the kick was captured by FOX and it is truly amazing. Take a look at exactly how close Hintze’s kick was to coming up short:

Incredible, no? Is Hintze good from 62? Absolutely.

What about 63? Well, if that kick is all Hintze can accomplish (which is outstanding, don’t get me wrong), then 63 yards out is too far.

If Wisconsin gets to the opposition’s side of the field, look out. Hintze may be looking to extend his record.