The attention was understandably on Tom Brady after he pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

The former Michigan star won his fourth Super Bowl MVP in the process.

Brady won that honor instead of the guy who scored the game-winning touchdown. That was former Wisconsin star James White, who finished the night with a Super Bowl record 14 catches, three touchdowns and 20 total points.

If you ask Brady, the MVP award went to the wrong guy.

“I think James White deserves it,” Brady said Monday morning at the traditional Super Bowl MVP news conference.

For what it’s worth, Brady did set a Super Bowl passing record and cement his place as the greatest quarterback of all-time. But White was the one who scored the last two touchdowns, as well as a key two-point conversion to make it a one-possession game.

He might not have gotten the ultimate Super Bowl prize, but he got the ultimate endorsement from his legendary quarterback.

“(White) just does everything right and you can never get mad at him,” Brady said of White. “Even when he doesn’t make the play, he feels worse about it than you do. He’s just the best teammate, an incredible player, and has been that way since he really assumed that big role when Dion [Lewis] got hurt.

“I’m so proud of everything he’s accomplished. I’ve seen him grow up as a rookie, to working his tail off and becoming a big factor in all these games.”

Two years ago, Brady won Super Bowl MVP honors but gave the truck he earned to Malcolm Butler, who made the game-saving interception on the goal line.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see White get a new ride for his record-breaking performance.