Braelon Allen is in the middle of a strong sophomore season for Wisconsin. Unfortunately, he’s also addressing a number of questions surrounding transfer rumors coming out of Week 11.

After the loss to Iowa, Jim Leonhard was asked about the rumors during his press conference. Leonhard claimed he would not accuse specific programs of tampering but does believe rival programs are in the process of tampering with Wisconsin’s roster.

Allen was asked about Leonhard’s claim and if he has had any contact with Michigan, the main program mentioned in the rumors surrounding the RB. Allen did his best to shoot down the topic, saying he has not had any contact with the program but does have a friend on the Wolverines going back to his high school career.

According to Allen, the player is a receiver on Michigan’s offense and he made it clear it is not Donovan Edwards.

“I would say I honestly haven’t had any contact with Michigan, that’s the honest truth,” said Allen. “I have a friend on the team. I’ve never talked to Donovan (Edwards) in my life. It’s a receiver that I’ve known throughout my whole high school career.”

Allen also took to Twitter, saying he loves his teammates and coaches and is focused on being better for his team. He also believes the Badgers will finish 2022 out on a strong note despite the struggles.