The first drive of the game for Nebraska turned into a strong stop by the Badgers defense.

Though the Cornhuskers woke up on their second drive of the game after a Wisconsin turnover, the Badger defense put in a nice stop on the first drive of the game. The first play was made by Chris Orr.

As Nebraska set up for a second-and-8 play, Orr came crashing in from the right side of the offense. He came streaking around unblocked and slung down Adrian Martinez for the loss.

Moments later, Zack Baun came around from the left side of the line. This time, Baun had to fight through a blocker, but he tore through the lineman and took down Martinez for another early sack.

This sack forced a fourth-down punt:

Hopefully, the Badgers continue to make life difficult for Martinez and the Cornhuskers.