Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Believe it or not, the saying can be applied to the occasional review of a play during a college football game. For Wisconsin fans there was no beauty in the result of the review of a big Notre Dame touchdown play in the 2nd quarter of Saturday’s game at Soldier Field.

Notre Dame quarterback Jack Coan hit Kevin Austin, Jr. in the end zone with a 36-yard strike. Austin pulled the ball in for a catch, but shortly after landing in the end zone had the ball stripped.

The play went under review, and the play stood as called. The touchdown put the Irish up 10-3, after the extra point conversion was successful.

Even with Fox Rules Analyst Mike Periera agreeing that the play was called correctly, the Wisconsin faithful and every armchair referee took to Twitter to give their own view on the call. For record, I’m not a fan of either team and am without a horse in this race — it was catch.

But if you’re interested in the complaining on the other side, there’s plenty to read.