Despite the NCAA’s decision to restore an additional year of eligibility for spring-sport athletes after the cancellation of athletics for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, Wisconsin won’t be pursuing any waivers for its seniors. Athletic director Barry Alvarez said it’s time for those graduating to “move on with life.”

According to, Alvarez stated that the NCAA overreacted in its decision to restore a year of eligibility to those student-athletes whose seasons were cut short due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Alvarez said it would be best for those graduating to move forward in life, as the school cannot make any guarantees.

“What we tried to do was encourage our seniors to go ahead and, if you’re going to graduate, graduate and move on with your life,” Alvarez said. “We appreciate everything that you’ve done. But move forward. The future is in question, and we can’t promise you anything.”

The University of Wisconsin Athletic Department also issued a statement.

“The athletic department has made the decision to not pursue waivers that would extend the eligibility of our senior student-athletes,” the release said. “Student-athletes in their fourth year of eligibility have concluded their careers with us.

“This group of student-athletes has our full support up to, including and beyond graduation. They are Badgers for life and we are greatly appreciative of the way they have represented our department and the university.”

Late last month, the NCAA made the decision to allow spring-sport student-athletes to restore one year of eligibility because a majority of the 2020 season was canceled.