When Wisconsin used the hashtag #NewRedThreads, it was in reference to its new Under Armour uniforms. By now, you’ve seen the Badgers’ new look, which was introduced last week.

When Wisconsin guard Jon Dietzen used the hashtag #NewRedThreads, he had something else in mind. A mullet. One glorious, Joe Dirt-like mullet.

Check it out:

The Badger guard has been rocking the long red locks for a while now, but this certainly gives them new meaning.

Perhaps Dietzen’s new look was inspired by mullet aficionado Vince Biegel. The long-time mullet-rocker shared his support of another Badger getting the signature cut when teammate Jake Whalen made Dietzen a bet:

So by the start of Wisconsin’s highly anticipated 2016 opener against LSU at Lambeau Field, the Badgers will have at least two mullets in red, assuming Biegel follows through.

For all the pub Mike Gundy got for his throwback look, the mullet capital of college football clearly belongs in Madison.