JJ Watt could not help but get emotional after watching a tribute video prepared ahead of his final NFL game.

Hard Knocks was filming during a team meeting when defensive coordinator Vance Joseph announced the team had something to show Watt. A video then played that began with Watt’s brother, TJ, congratulating JJ on his retirement and thanking him for being a role model.

Other teammates and opponents were then featured, including Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Dak Prescott, and Tom Brady among others.

As the tribute continued, there were guest appearances from Watt’s other brother Derek, his parents, and his wife and young son.

Watt became more emotional as the video progressed, reminiscing on a Hall of Fame-level career.

Before starring in the NFL, Watt was a First-Team All-American for the Wisconsin Badgers in 2010. Watt would go on to be selected by the Houston Texans, where he would play from 2011-2020. Watt spent the last 2 seasons of his career playing for the Arizona Cardinals, joining Texans teammate DeAndre Hopkins.

Watt holds the Texans’ record for sacks in a career, collecting 101 during his tenure.