College GameDay will invade Madison on Saturday, where there will inevitably be a sea of red.

The atmosphere figures to be as good as any all year for the top-10 showdown between Ohio State and Wisconsin. The question many have is whether or not battle-tested Wisconsin can take down the unbeaten Buckeyes.

Assuming there’s a Wisconsin-related guest picker, the Badgers will likely be the choice. But who will that guest picker be?

Here are five guesses:

1. J.J. Watt

Assuming he’s not posting Instagram videos about his rehab or off saving the world, Watt should have all the time in the world to make a quick trip to Madison. The likely favorite would love to see his Badgers in their biggest home game since he was at Wisconsin. On top of that, he probably wouldn’t mind checking out his brother, T.J., who is on his way to an All-B1G season. Watt is the clear and obvious choice to make the trip.

2. Frank Kaminsky

Frank-The-Tank! Frank-The-Tank! Who wouldn’t love seeing Wisconsin’s favorite seven-footer back on campus? Kaminsky doesn’t have an NBA preseason game on Saturday, which would mean that he’d be free to make a quick flight back to his old stomping grounds. The former national player of the year would be a character on set, and next to Lee Corso, it’d be a match made in heaven.

3. Melvin Gordon/Derek Watt

Normally, NFL players are unlikely GameDay guest pickers because they’re usually on the road or preparing for a game on Sunday. But former Badgers Gordon and Watt, who are both in the same backfield for the San Diego Chargers now, played and won on Thursday night against the defending Super Bowl champs. It would be a nice time to bring some familiar faces back, especially with both of them off to big starts in 2016.

4. Andy North

There’s always the possibility that ESPN gives a call to its pal. Lord knows North is on site for seemingly every big game his Badgers are involved in, no matter what the sport. The former U.S. Open champ is obviously familiar with being on live TV, which means that he’d certainly do his homework. North might not be as exciting as some of the other options, but he’d still bring a strong Wisconsin presence to the GameDay set.

5. Ken Bone

I mean…when you’re hot, you’re hot.