Since transferring out of Wisconsin in July of 2021, it hasn’t been the easiest of roads for Taj Mustapha. He suffered a hernia injury in his groin area after transferring to Kent State, and later found out he had torn his groin following an X-Ray and MRI scan.

Mustapha gave an injury update from his social media account, and it looks like he is trending in the right direction. The former Badgers wideout stated that he will be using this coming season to prepare for his return as his groin as his groin is almost healed. He will also be attending Wayne State university so that he can still get all his undergrad credits.

Mustapha is getting closer and closer to his return.

” At my last institution during fall camp I was diagnosed unfortunately with a serious hernia injury in the groin area,” said Mustapha. “As I got my first MRI & X-Ray results backs I was devastated once I found that my groin was torn. I will be taking this season off to properly prepare for a great return to the sport I love with my groin trending upward at 90%.”