Coaches and student-athletes are being forced to get creative when it comes to workouts during the offseason. With no team activities permitted until May (at the earliest), players are forced to find ways to improve their game and stay in shape.

This week Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard spoke with Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about how the Badger basketball players are getting their workouts in. He says there’s still some research going on right now about the best ways to train with many players not having access to equipment in their homes.

“Most of these guys have either no access or very limited access to weight room equipment,” Gard said. “So we’re developing and [researching] a lot of body-weight things. What can we do? What programs can we give them access to?”

Obviously, these are issues that all sports teams across the nation are dealing with in the current situation. Workout plans may vary based on what equipment student-athletes have direct access to during this time.

Gard said that Nate Reuvers had access to a gym that recently closed. Aleem Ford is shooting hoops at his basket in the driveway. But each player is dealing with different circumstances.

For most coaches and athletes, it’s going to take some brainstorming to come up with some workout plans.