Greg McElroy is like many analysts and fans weighing in on what to expect out of a new-look offense for Wisconsin. Traditionally a run-first offensive program, new head coach Luke Fickell brought in Phil Longo as OC to introduce the Air Raid for the Badgers.

During a recent episode of his Always College Football Podcast, McElroy broke down how gaudy quarterback stats have become a staple of Longo’s time as an OC. That reputation also helped Wisconsin overhaul the QB room coming out of 2022.

“Phil Longo is the most important piece of this puzzle. He’s the offensive coordinator, and with Phil Longo comes a history of having put up gaudy stats at the QB spot,” said McElroy.  “So as a result, what happened? A handful of different QBs decided ‘You know what, I’m going to go become a Badger.'”

While the QBs will get the attention, McElroy also called on fans to check out Longo’s history of running the ball going back to his time in the FCS. Regardless of how it happens, McElroy is confident Longo will find ways to move the ball and gets points on the board in Madison.

“Trying to split the reps (at QB) will be difficult but look at what Phil Longo did last year. Go look at Drake Maye and look at the numbers and everything that Drake Maye did,” McElroy explained. “But prior to that, go look at what he did in the FCS. Go look at how he ran the football… (Longo) is going to find a way to move the football.”

With Longo leading the offense, Tanner Mordecai is the favorite to land the starting QB job for the 2023 season. We’ll see if that’s how things play out and whether or not he’s able to produce impressive numbers with the Badgers.