Paul Chryst trolled himself on TikTok on Tuesday as only he can, the Wisconsin head coach having a bit of fun at his own expense in what appears to be his first ever TikTok.

Known for his crewneck gear, Chryst showed off his gear for the upcoming Duke’s Mayo Bowl. The Badgers will play Wisconsin on Wednesday in the bowl game. The reason for the more comfortable gear is clear.

“When you got a hint of being a fat ass, it’s got to be loose fitting and you can’t have it choking you like a turtleneck. Turtlenecks aren’t cool,” Chryst said about his style in September.

Wisconsin was 3-3 this year but under Chryst has been efficient and successful in bowl games. They are 55-19 in six seasons under Chryst with a 4-1 record in bowl games.

Their first postseason loss came last year to Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

#FearTheCrewneck has to be coming next.