Jack Bicknell, Wisconsin’s offensive line coach, shared some insight into how Luke Fickell runs the program.

Bicknell, 59, played center at Boston College from 1981-85, and has previously coached in the NFL for 4 teams, and in college for North Carolina, Ole Miss, Louisville and Auburn.

Bicknell recalled the Wisconsin offensive line tradition that dates back some 3 decades for him, so that means that plenty is already in place about the mentality of the players. To that point, Bicknell said he believes the offensive line is more respected at Wisconsin than at other programs, which may respect wide receivers and quarterbacks more.

Bicknell said it’s on the offensive line to do a good job this season, which is usually the case, but the Badgers will go as the offensive line goes.

“I think Coach Fickell and the way he runs this program, you know, everything is positive. I love that,” Bicknell said. “We don’t dwell on the negative, we search out the positive things and talk about that.”

Fickell himself was a big draw for Bicknell because, “I think he’s the real deal, I really do. He’s a guy that truly does care for everybody and very intense and I just feel like he’s going to have success.”