There’s plenty of storylines to dive into as No. 11 Michigan prepares to face No. 13 Wisconsin this Saturday. The praise Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh paid Badgers running back Jonathan Taylor could become one of the bigger ones.

At first, Harbaugh delivered typical “coaches speak” on the great Wisconsin back, but then ended his praise of him with one of the best compliments you can receive as a player.

“He’s (Taylor) really good,” Harbaugh said in his Monday press conference. “Can run all the assortment of runs. Elusive back, power back, he’s light on his feet, sees holes. Does everything well, blocks. You just try to contain him. Not a realistic thing to think you can stop him.”

It doesn’t sound like Harbaugh is going to have a masterplan of how to stop Taylor because he just admitted that even with his great Michigan defense, his best hope is to just “contain him.”

Taylor has rushed for 237 yards and five touchdowns in the first two games of the season. He hasn’t received a ton of work either, but Taylor has averaged 6.8 yards per rush.

Michigan will visit Wisconsin in what should be the best game in the Big Ten this weekend on Saturday at noon ET.