JJ Watt has a solution, everybody. Have no fear.

The former Wisconsin DE and NFL icon took to social media following Alabama’s win over Georgia and Florida State’s win over Louisville to devise an “emergency 6-team playoff.”

This field would give Michigan and Washington a bye while Alabama, Georgia, Florida State and Texas go through a random draw to receive matchups.

As it turns out, plenty of people said no. Specifically a few who feel the SEC – Alabama – should be left out of the College Football Playoff after defeating No. 1 Georgia in favor of Florida State, which squeaked by Louisville and is working with their 3rd string QB.

However, the Seminoles do have one thing going: They’re undefeated while Alabama is not. Florida State has scored some strong wins over LSU, Louisville, Duke and Clemson this season.

Will it be enough to crack the playoff field? It’s truly tough to tell. We’ll know for sure at around Noon when the selection committee reveals their updated ranking.