J.J. Watt made an announcement on his social pages on Tuesday that broke the hearts of football fans. Watt announced on his social media platforms that he will retire after 12 impactful seasons.

The former Wisconsin Badger and Arizona Cardinals defensive end has been one of the most iconic defensive playmakers and on-and-off-the-field characters in the NFL.

Watt is a 5-time All-Pro selection, a 3-time Defensive Player of the Year, and an NFL All-Decades Team player of the 2010s.

He has been given excellent nicknames based on his ability to create pass breakups at the line of scrimmage such as ‘JJ Swat’ and ‘the sultan of swat.’ Another nickname he was named ‘Mega-Watt.’

On Tuesday, NFL Films created and released an 8-minute highlight reel of his top performances in the last two years with Arizona and his first 10 with the Houston Texans. Part of his highlights include his words of encouragement to his teammates, smack talk to his opponents, and the famous bloody face look.