Former Wisconsin star JJ Watt is already one of the most popular athletes in Houston, and he took things to another level after Sunday’s disappointing loss.

The loss to the Cincinnati Bengals dropped the Texans to 4-11 and well out of playoff contention. Following the game, Watt was asked about how the team is planning to bounce back next week.

Needless to say, Watt was very emotional and passionate in his response. Here’s what he had to say:

“We are professional athletes getting paid a whole lot of money. If you can’t come in and put work in in the building go out to the practice field and work hard for your lifts and do what you’re supposed to do, you should not be here.

“This is a job. We’re getting paid a whole lot of money there are a lot of people that watch us and invest their time and their money into buying our jerseys and buying a whole bunch of shit. And they care about it. They care every single week. We’re in week 16 and we are 4-11 and there are fans that watch this game that show up to the stadium, that put in time and energy and effort and care about this. So if you can’t go out there and you can’t work out. You can’t show up on time. You can’t practice. You can’t want to go out there and win, you shouldn’t be here. Because this is a privilege it’s the greatest job in the world you get to go out and play a game. And if you can’t care enough, even in week 17, even when you’re trash when you’re 4-11. If you can’t care enough to go out there and give everything you’ve got and try your hardest. That’s bullshit.

“So that’s how. I just I think it’s, that’s there are people every week that still treat you that still come up to you and say, ‘Hey, we’re still rooting for you. We’re still behind you.’ They have no reason whatsoever to we stink. But they care, and they still want to win and they want you to be great. That’s why. Those people aren’t getting paid, we are getting paid handsomely. That’s why.

“That’s who I feel the most bad for, our fans. And the people who care so deeply and the city and the people who love it and want it to be great.”

Here’s the video of Watt’s comments: