Jonathan Taylor arrived in Madison as a three-star running back prospect. But, stars next to a name doesn’t mean everything.

We know that. We see players that are two-star players or are unranked coming out of high school that become top five NFL Draft picks seemingly every year.

Jonathan Taylor is a special back that has proven to be better than what people thought of him. He’s proven that year after year after year.

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He’s about to close out his junior season and he already hit the 2,000-yard rushing mark once in his career (2018 with 2,194 yards). On Wednesday, to kick off the new year and close out his junior campaign, he broke the 2,000-yard mark again against Oregon in the Rose Bowl:

He needed 91 yards against the Ducks to hit the eye-popping mark, and of course, he got it. He now has over 6,100 career rushing yards, entering the Rose Bowl with 6,080.

Taylor, who has now hit the 2,000-yard mark in two different seasons, becomes the second player to ever accomplish that feat in college football. The only other player to ever do it is Troy Davis in 1995 and 1996 at Iowa State.

It’s an insane accomplishment that only adds to Taylor’s legacy not just at Wisconsin, but in the sport’s history.