Colts running back Jonathan Taylor continues to impress in the NFL even though his squad lost to the Titans on Sunday.

Taylor finished with 70 yards rushing and 52 yards receiving to go over 100 total yards for the 5th straight game. He also scored a touchdown for good measure.

He’s been the major catalyst for the Colts’ offense this season and has fueled them to get back into the race a bit. Against the Ravens on Oct. 11, Taylor finished with 53 yards rushing plus 116 yards receiving and a touchdown to go along with it.

On Oct. 17 against the Texans, Taylor had 145 rushing yards, plus 13 receiving yards and 2 combined touchdowns. The streak started against the Dolphins on Oct. 3 when Taylor had over 100 rushing yards and 11 receiving yards with 1 touchdown.

Taylor’s Colts lost a thriller in OT today, but he was one of the main reasons that they were in the game till the end.